Sold Pens Archive

Swan Self-Filler

late 1940s

This is a shiny black celluloid Swan Self-Filler, a postwar pen, probably late 1940s. It is a very nice user pen, lever-filled (“Self-Filler” means that you don’t need to open it up to fill it…sorry, it doesn’t actually fill itself.) This pen is a typical Swan — 125mm long, nicely proportioned for its length, smallish but doesn’t feel small in the hand.  The imprint is deep and complete.  There is a little, generally not easily seen swelling from cap posting, but this is typical for these pens. The celluloid shows a few minor marks of use. The gold trim on clip, lever, and cap rings is untarnished and bright.  The nib, which was described to me as “not typically English soft”, is indeed firmer than one would expect, but the nib’s identity answers the question: it’s an Eternal nib, from a 1930’s American Mabie Todd pen. That said, it writes a very nice fine to fine edge of medium line with a little bit of feedback. Nice pen, can withstand daily use.

Price: $98

Swan Self-Filler

late 1930s

This is a Swan Self-Filler.  As often happens with English pens, this pen does not correspond exactly to any of the available notations, although its appearance is clearly that of a pre-WWII pen and it is so marked.  That said, it is handsome, in blue/black marbled celluloid, 13cm long, a lever-filler.  It carries a 14c Swan 2 nib, which which writes a very broad, almost stubbed, wet line.  

Price: $90

Swan Self-Filler


A particularly nice Self-Filler (which means lever-filled). It is in what Conway Stewart’s cataloguers called “russet’, with long subtle streaks of color. This pen has one cap ring and silver trim. From the post-WWII years, it is in very good condition, and carries a Swan 2 nib, silver trim. The nib writes a soft broad line, with flex.

Price: $110

Tibaldi Giti


This Giti is a 1930-35 button-filling model, marked “Giti, produz. Tibaldi”.  In black with white swirls, it is 11.6cm long and 1.25 cm wide, and very comfortable in the hand. Its micro-wear is typical of a pen that spent many years in a shop drawer.  There is no additional wear. The silver trim is in perfect condition, shiny and without a speck of corrosion. The yellow imprint is of deco design, an added touch that accentuates the pen’s white and black. Its nib is marked “Universal”,and appears to be gold-plated steel. It writes a comfortable fine line with a touch of flex one would expect of a longer-tined nib.  

Price: $275 $225



A good example of a typical 1930-40s American third tier plunger filler, this Traveler is a survivor, a cheaply produced pen that writes well. It has a long marbled red plastic blind cap to match its cap, and the entire 2” barrel is in orange clear plastic. It is in very nice condition, no major scratches or flaws. The nib is a Signature, a brand seen often in third tier pens; its point is rolled steel, not iridium, but it writes a very nice, firm fine line. This pen’s only drawback is its limited ink capacity. 

Price: $45



This pen is probably from the 1960s, judging by the combination of a later plastic barrel and an earlier accordion filling mechanism. Like many French pens, it is a bit smaller at 12.7cm long capped, but it feels good in all but the largest hand. The cap and base are gold metal, and, with the shiny black barrel and section, are very clean and unmarked. The delight of this pen is its 18K gold Unic nib, which is soft and very flexible. A sweet pen, can be used steadily.

Price: $70


Price: $78



This Wahl is from 1925-26, probably one of its $3.50 pens (Wahl,  like many other companies, advertised by price), standard size, of black hard rubber.  This pen embodies Wahl’s distinctive features of the day: roller clip, gold trim, rounded and humped lever, and a decorative pattern imprinted into the hard rubber, in this case the Wave pattern.  The nib is a 14K 2, with the Wahl signature engraved in it. It writes a wet broad, flexing to BB, a wonderful pen to write with.

Price: $135

Wahl Oxford


Oxfords were Wahl’s 1930s budget line, usually very well made pens that did not carry the superior trim of the better models. This pen is in Moss Green celluloid, with metallic flecks. The celluloid is in excellent condition, with no significant marks or blemishes. The nib is the original #2 Wahl Oxford gold, and it writes a firm fine line.

Price: $80

Waterman 32V


This pen is a 32V in nice user condition. It shows some micro-scratching and general wear but there are no significant scratches or nicks. This is a vest pocket pen, at 4 1/16” long, but it has almost full girth so feels good in the hand.  The trim is chrome and is quite clean. Imprint is complete. The model is clearly imprinted on the bottom of the barrel. The nib is a Waterman Ideal, and an “A”, soft and springy. 

Price: $65