Sheaffer Imperial Lifetime Set

About This Model

Imperials were Sheaffer’s main line pens in the 1960s, following the 1950s Snorkels. They covered a range of quality, but usually were Touchdown fillers and carried diamond inlaid nibs or Triumph conical nibs. As a series, the Imperials first appeared with the AS9 in 1960, a simple Touchdown pen in plastic but with a Triumph nib. In 1961, models V, VI, I and II appeared, their names following trim levels, not order of appearance. The IV and VI are very closely related to the PFM III and IV, I believe differentiated only by the PFM’s greater size. At the lowest level, I’s were all plastic, with hooded tabbed nibs and plastic sac protectors. The IV’s, on the other hand, had beautiful diamond-shaped 14K nibs and very nice Forticel bodies. The IV’s and their 1964 Lifetime, made to commemorate Sheaffer’s 50th birthday, are wonderful writers.

About This Pen

The Imperial Lifetime was a one-year pen Sheaffer produced in 1963 to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary.  In addition, at a time when Sheaffer needed the boost, the Lifetime imprint recalled their best models and best years.  The word “Lifetime” appears on the clip, the cap ring, and the nib.

This Sheaffer Lifetime is a little different from the usual black model; it is gold-plated with a matching pencil. The plating does not have any marking, so one has to assume it is not real gold. It is an insignia model, although it has not been engraved. However, the pen does carry the wonderful Imperial diamond-shaped inlaid nib, in 14K and marked Lifetime. The nib writes a wet fine, with a touch of softness. The matching pencil works well and is filled with .9mm lead.

This pen is not for sale.