Sheaffer Craftsman

About This Model

Craftsman was, like several in Sheaffer's history, a model name that appeared at different times and for different pens. Its history started in the 1930s, when Sheaffer gave each Balance level a name to succeed its being known by its price code. Craftsman, the successor to the 3-25 coded pen, was the lowest such level for a full size pen; Miss Universe and Junior were a rung lower and smaller. After WWII, Craftsmans were continued with the open 33 nib and essentially the same smaller Balance design. By 1949, the name graced the standard Touchdown pen, and during the 1950s the same name applied to the TipDip pens. The 33 nibs that came with most of the post WWII Craftsman are wonderful writers, soft and wet and usually a rich medium.

About This Pen

A nice postwar Craftsman, these are always wonderful writers that feel great in the hand. This pen is no exception. It is black, trim is all in excellent condition. There is some use wear and a bit of swelling around the lever box, but this is a pen you can carry and use every day forever. Its correct 33 nib writes a fast fine line.

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