Serik 53 (Montegrappa)

About This Pen

Another of the group of Italian vintage pens, this pen is branded as a Serik, but it is really a Montegrappa, factory-branded by a postwar entrepreneur with his own name. Even the nib is imprinted with his name! It’s a very handsome pen, in sparkly, almost iridescent striated shades of green and gold. It is a typical length at 12.1cm, and is a slender but not petite girth, completely comfortable in all but the largest hand. It is a button-filler, and fills well. Trim is in gold, with three gold cap rings, a sign of a fancier Italian pen. It has been described to me as mint, and indeed shows no signs of having been filled, although I did test its nib. It was professionally restored in Italy before coming to me. The nib is wonderfully soft and smooth, and is Italian flexible fine with a little tactile feedback.  It comes with its original box and certificate of original issue, in Italian, of course.

This pen is not for sale.