Pelikan 400NN

early 1960s
About This Model


About This Pen

The Pelikan 400 series pens were among the most sold, most enjoyed fine pens in Europe from the 1950s through the 1970s. They are very well-made, very solid, but without the heft of the current larger pens. This pen is a green-striped 400NN, probably from the early 1960s, like almost all Pelikans a piston filler. It measures 13.0cm in overall length and 1.2cm across the barrel. This pen is in very nice condition, showing almost no evidence of use; there ar no scratches or marks. The gold trim is clean and complete. The pen is engraved “Pelikan 400 G√ľnter Wagner Germany” with very faint letters at the bottom of the barrel, confirming that it is from the early 1960s, before Pelikan turned production over to Merz&Krell. The cap ring is engraved “Germany”; if you’re wondering why it does not say “West Germany”, it was made for export to the European market. Its nib is 585C, 14 karat gold, and writes a smooth broad line; it has a bit of a stub. It’s pretty wet, as with so many German pens, so Pelikan or another German ink is recommended. Wonderful pen for daily use, please treat it to a case?

Price: $250 Sold