Pelikan 120

About This Pen

Pelikan, one of Germany’s original, finest and most successful manufacturers of fountain pens, brought out the 120 in 1955 as a school pen. Made of plastic, and with an all-plastic piston filling mechanism, the 120 was a steady seller during Pelikan’s rough decade of fighting the growth of ballpoint pens.  From 1965-1973, Pelikan stopped production of the 120, and from 1973-77 it subcontracted them from Merz&Krell, another major manufacturer. This pen is a Merz&Krell-made 120, 13.2cm capped, in excellent/perhaps new condition, in black, with two nib units — a medium and an extra fine. Like all Pelikans, it is a wet writer and needs dryish ink, preferably Pelikan.

This pen is not for sale.