Parker VS

About This Model

The VS was one of Parker’s lesser lights from a justifiably confused period — a 1946-49 attempt to introduce a pen that looked like a 51 but with far less costly features. No one seems to know if VS stands for “Vacumatic Successor” or “Victory Successor”, since neither name makes complete sense. It is a hybrid: a successor to the Vacumatic, but a minor one in comparison to the 51. It carries the Vac’s open nib and Duofold’s straight clip. It is a button filler like the English Duofolds, probably using the same button and pressure bar. In summary, a 51-like body with numerous non-51 features. VS’s were made in limited quantities, with progressive feature changes, over only three years, and their relative scarcity has increased their desirability in recent years.

About This Pen

This VS is a good writer, with a very firm nib that writes a fine line. The pen itself was very worn, but its restoration was able to bring back much but not all of its finish, so it looks quite nice but not perfect. The barrel is grey, probably Lucite. The cap is typical Lustroloy brushed steel, and the clip is straight and smooth with “Parker” engraved in tiny letters. The gold nib is not hooded, a significant variance from the 51s the VS resembles, but that was necessary, since the nib is a standard one, not the small rolled nib of the 51 and 21. Similarly, the feed is clear, showing the pen’s ink, and another departure. There is no imprint, other than the Parker insignia on the cap.

This pen is not for sale.