Parker UK Duofold NS

About This Model

Parker Duofolds had been made in the UK since the early 1930s, then generally following the contemporaneous American designs and often using American parts. These are rarely seen today.
The far better known UK Duofolds were introduced after WWII, starting with the Duofold NS, New Style. These had arrow clips and were button fillers, and were made in England and in Denmark for English distribution. The AF Duofold, initials to mean Aluminium Filler, appeared in 1948, and were very popular pens. Their aluminium mechanics were very sturdy and these were wonderful writers, with soft English nibs.
Finally, 1953 brought the final significant version, the New Duofold, aerometric fillers.

About This Pen

The Duofold NS pens, Parker’s first new model after WWII, were very sturdy and attractive. A little shorter than a Duofold Major, at 13cm, but with full English girth at 1cm, these are well-sized. The hardware was all British, a full arrow clip and chevron cap ring; but these were old style button fillers. The imprint is identical to American Duofolds, except for the absence of the manufacturer’s location. Very nice pens to own and easy to use. They lasted for only two years, 1946-48, before being displaced by the AF models.
This pen is an excellent example, in virtually unmarked gold and black celluloid. The nib writes a typically English medium, soft and with a little audible feedback. It fills strongly and well. A very nice pen to use every day!

This pen is not for sale.