Parker/Eversharp 10,000

About This Model

During the late 1950s, fountain pen sales were plummeting and those of ballpoint pens, nice and not so nice, skyrocketing. The Parker Jotter, an exceptionally fine and durable pen, sold millions annually through the 1950s. With Parker making money, they turned to acquisitions, took on the Eversharp Pen division from Wahl, and named the new division the Parker Eversharp Pen Company. One of their first products was the 10,000, the first of numerous pens of a wide range of Eversharp and Parker designs, but more importantly, Parker’s first cartridge filler (the marketing was 10,000 words in a cartridge) and the direct parent of the highly successful Parker 45. It didn’t last long: the 10,000 was gone by 1964 and the division closed by Parker in 1968.

About This Pen

This 10,000, perhaps the third I’ve listed in recent months, turned into a more than decent pen, a mild surprise because it was near the end of Eversharp’s production and most of the pens produced then were pretty shoddy. This example, in white plastic with a chrome cap, is unscratched and unstained, so it shows off its unusual shorter cap and unique shape quite nicely. The exposed body is a bit yellowed, but that is not discerned until the cap is removed and the white section is seen. At 5⅛” long, it is full length and a very nice girth, the barrel looking very similar to a Parker 45. The clip sports the square Eversharp “E”, and this is one of few pens that carries both Eversharp and Parker badging engraved in the cap. The steel nib is marked “FINE” and partly hooded, and held in place with tabs; it writes a smooth and wet fine line; like 45s, it is firm but a fast writer. The section was made to not be removed, but it was thoroughly flushed. Flushing released a surprisingly large quantity of old ink, so be warned about changing inks… An original (and hard to find!) Parker/Eversharp cartridge is included; fill it with a syringe. While no one would accuse this pen of being one of life’s luxuries, it is a good writer and will sustain regular use.

Price: $40