Parker “Depression”

About This Pen

During the Depression, sales of fountain pens dropped sharply. Most of the minor companies disappeared, and even the largest were forced to accommodate to maintain revenue flow and market position. As I’ve been told by a couple of experts, Parker produced a variety of lower cost pens that looked like contemporary Duofolds but with lower quality celluloid, bought from a cooperative. Thus, this pen looks like a Duofold but isn’t. At 4 15/16” long and 3/8” thick, its dimensions are similar to a Duofold Junior’s. It is in grey sea foam with gold and brown marbling; the barrel is discolored from cap gassing, and has been theorized, imperfect curing of the celluloid rod. However, this is an attractive looking pen, particularly with the gold catching light. The trim is gold and completely clean, with no missing plating. The button filler is strong. The crown and blind cap appear to be made of ebonite, and are discolored but not unattractive. However, the nib is wonderful! It is marked Parker Lucky Curve, 2, and it is an exceptionally smooth and wet full medium/broad. This can be an elegant user pen or part of a Depression collection; either way it’s an unusual conversation starter!

This pen is not for sale.