Parker 15 ? Flighter

probable 1960s-1970s
About This Pen

Every so often a pen simply defies precise identification…this pen is a good example.
It’s definitely Parker, definitely looks and feels like 1960s-1970s, but it’s actually a 1981 pen, from its tiny date code. It is very similar to a 45 Flighter, but does not have the 45 nib unit. It is very similar to a 15, in appearance and French manufacture, but its cap is less modern than the 15’s were. Finally, it is a bit shorter than the typical 45 Flighter, at 4.8″ long capped. Unusually for a later-century Parker, it also does not have a model imprint on the cap! After long deliberation, it was decided that this pen is going to be a 15 until proven otherwise. At any rate, it’s a sturdy cartridge-filled Flighter, in brushed steel, with a black plastic gripping section and a medium nib. There are no scratches or flaws of note. The nib writes a smooth wet medium. It will come with an original, refillable Parker cartridge. Good workhorse pen!

Discount will be offered to the purchaser who can positively identify this pen!

This pen is not for sale.