Omas Extra

About This Pen

The 1980s and 1990s were difficult, transitional years for the fountain pen industry worldwide.  Omas, the renowned Italian manufacturer, made some of its most beautiful celluloid pens during those years, and also made lower level pens, of plastic. The Omas Extra is an example of the lower cost production. This Omas Extra, from my personal collection, is a very nice, shiny pen, made of plastic with gold trim, including the classic Omas cap ring. It does not exhibit much sign of use. The “Omas Extra” barrel imprint is complete. The piston works very well.  The nib is gold plate, and is marked “Omas”; it writes a soft wet medium line with a hint of flex. This pen does have a flaw, one that afflicted many pens of this era: its cap has some shrinkage that is visible if you look carefully and has created a tight fit on the section; it should be screwed on with care to not overtighten. That said, this is a true Omas, and a great writer. With Omas prices continuing to steadily rise, this is your chance to own an Omas!

This pen is not for sale.