NoName “D”

About This Pen

I hate having to call nice pens NoName. Not because they’re bad pens, but because they somehow feel abandoned by time, left without an identity. So I’ll call this pen NoName “D”; the encircled D in the lever being the closest to a brand identification this pen has achieved. Of course, the other problem with a NoName is that there is no objective standard for the brand and model against which one can measure a particular pen, so this pen can only be described as it is seen.
That said, it’s a very nice, late 191x-1920s lady’s ringtop, plated in 14K. The ring is complete and original. The plating is in very good condition for its age, showing a bit of thinness at the edges, but no deep wounds, dents, or flaws. The lever, with its encircled “D”, is firm. It’s a very nice writer, the nib is marked “Warranted 14K, 2”, and writes a solid fine line with a good deal of flex. The pen posts well, which will be needed for most writers.
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Price: $95