No-Name Vintage

About This Pen

This is another of the special vintage Italian pens I purchased to learn about them, and I’m very fond of this pen. It is officially without a brand and model, assuming that the imprinted “Italia” and “Lloyd Triestino” (both with quotes, as in other Italian vintage pens) are not those. From the 1940s, and slightly shorter at 11.3cm capped, this is a full-girth pen that is very comfortable in the hand. It is in brown and darker pearl marbled celluloid, a sturdy pen with a turban crown.  It is a button-filler, and it fills very well. The trim is gold, and shows evidence of a repair to the top of the clip. The unusual feature of this pen is its glass nib, which is very smooth, writes a wet fine line and makes for fast writing. For those who have not written with a glass nib, it’s a great experience. You write a little lighter, but it feels great. An unusual pen, a great writer. (Note: the glass point cannot be adjusted or warrantied, but replacement nibs are available.)

This pen is not for sale.