About This Model

Moore was one of the early fountain pen manufacturers, a near major player from the early 1900s until the 1940s. They pioneered some designs in safety pens, but then followed industry trends, unable to keep up with the leaders. Their hard rubber pens were very nice; later celluloid models more pedestrian. However, they were always good writers of decent quality. Moore’s post-WWII Fingertip model was truly creative, but too late. Moore suvived until the late 1950s.

About This Pen

A late 1930s Moore, in green striped celluloid. As with most surviving Moores, this is a well-made pen, attractive, writes well.  Its imprint is very faint but extant. The gold clip, cap ring, and lever cleaned up well. The nib is large, marked “Moore Life”, and “Manifold”, for firmness to write through multiple copies. Stated description aside, this is a very nice writer, with a wet fine with a bit of responsiveness. 

Price: $52