Moore Desk Base with Pen

About This Model

Moore was one of the early fountain pen manufacturers, a major player in the early years, then less so as the “Big 4” dominated after the late 1920s.  Even as a progressively lesser brand, Moore pens were successful from the early 1900s until the 1940s. They pioneered some designs in safety pens, and their hard rubber pens were very nice; later celluloid models were too often quite pedestrian. Unable to do more than follow industry trends and keep up with the leaders, Moore always produced good quality but faded as a brand. Moore's post-WWII Fingertip model was truly creative, but too late. Moore survived until the late 1950s.

About This Pen

I’ve not been able to learn much about Moore desk bases, but this is a handsome one, probably from the 1930’s, in light onyx with colored veining, and a black celluloid pen base over a brass socket. It is in excellent condition; unmarked, no chips or corrosion. The socket restored wonderfully, and is in equally fresh condition. The bottom has the base’s original felt and intact label. It came to me (and will to you) with a Sheaffer J74 1928-30 jade Lifetime desk fountain pen, which has an ebonite taper and jade body. The taper shows some aging, but the jade is in nearly perfect condition. Prior to my restoration, it did not have a sac or show any evidence of having been used, so the jade is not discolored. The nib is a gold Lifetime, which writes a full firm medium line, appropriate for executive desk signing, as was probably its intent.

Price: $150