Montegrappa Symphony Rollerballs

About This Model

Montegrappa, actually Elmo & Montegrappa, is one of the oldest continuous fountain pen manufacturers in the world, having been in business since 1912. Its history is complex and largely undocumented since the 1950’s, but the fact remains that it flourished during the golden years of fountain pens, survived the lean years, and is now back as a major manufacturer of luxury fountain pens. These pens, from the Symphony Collezione are 1996-99, a second edition of the famous, elegant 1912 and Reminiscence lines.
The Symphony line are all octagonally faceted like the Reminiscence line and many 1930’s Montegrappas, with a threaded barrel cap to enable posting, and silver cap rings and section. These are very substantial pens. Their imprints are all on the cap rings, with “1912” and the Montegrappa crest.

About This Pen

These are two Symphony rollerballs, in celluloid, differing only by their color: one is streaked black and silver, the other is in streaked red. Like the fountain pens, these are full-sized pens, at 13.8cm long and 1.1cm across. Both pens are in excellent condition and come with fresh refills. They are both striking in appearance, unlike any rollerball one might see in normal use. Buy both for $195 each!

Note: A third Symphony rollerball, a Brier that matches the Brier Fountain Pen, was sent to the Montegrappa factory for repairs. Except for the brier material, it is identical to the two Rollerballs listed here. It will be available as soon as it returns. If you are interested in purchasing both of the Briers as a set, an increased discount will be available.

The black rollerball has sold.

Price: $225 $195