Montblanc Generation

About This Pen

Montblanc fountain pens of the modern era are often tricky to identify, and I’m not an expert in these, but it was a period that produced a range of generally very good pens, if perhaps none of their greatest models. This Generation, from the 1990s, is one of the very good ones, a mid-level pen in deep red “precious resin”. It is indeed a very nice pen — longer, at 13.5cm capped, and a bit slimmer, at 1.2cm just below the cap edge. The cap is friction fit with a firm click, and it is a converter/piston filler with a brand-new Montblanc converter. In a very ’90s touch, the nib is flat and tabbed, not a traditional Montblanc nib. It writes a very fast and smooth fine to extra fine, so this is a good pen for marginalia. It’s in very good used condition: was used for some years so has some use wear, but cleaned up well. Generally speaking, you won’t go wrong with a Montblanc, and this is a good pen that can take a lot of use.

This pen is not for sale.