Mabie Todd Swan ringtop

About This Pen

This little ringtop is another of the very solid small pens produced by Mabie Todd in New York after WWI through the mid-1920s. It does not have a model number, but appears to be a plated version of one seen in literature from 1921. The overlay does not have a pattern beyond two engraved rings at top and bottom of both cap and barrel. Indeed, the barrel imprint notes “Swan Pen Safety Screw Cap”, and although the patent date is 1904, the “self-filler” long post-dates this. At any rate, this pen is a nice ringtop, meant to be written with. It carries a well-scratched finish that polished up pretty nicely, and has one small dent near the top of the cap. The ring is probably original and is secure. The lever is strong. There is a very small bit of plate loss at the very bottom of the barrel. This pen’s strength is clearly its nib: a stubbed gold #2 Swan nib with huge flex.

This pen is not for sale.