Mabie Todd Eternal 44

About This Pen

Mabie Todd’s American production was successful well into the 1930s, although it peaked during the 1920s.  This is an Eternal 44, one of their beautiful celluloid pens from the 1920s, perhaps as late as 1930. At 5 ⅜” long, it is a full-sized pen. It is in black-veined pearl, with gold trim. The celluloid in excellent and virtually unmarked, except for the top of the cap, where there is cracking in the crown and above the clip. I believe this to be safe and stable with careful use. The trim is all clean, with no missing plating. The imprint is sharp and complete, including the perpendicular “Eternal” on the barrel and the “44 ETN” on the bottom of the barrel. The nib is marked Swan Eternal, and 14K. It is firm with a touch of flex, and writes a nice wet fine line. An elegant pen, ready for careful use.

This pen is not for sale.