Gold Bond Stonite

About This Model

Gold Bond was a model line of the National Pen Company in Chicago.  National was a store brand manufacturer, producing a wide range of models and names for Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, and others from the 1920s until after WWII.  Their brands included Gold Bond, Webster, Lincoln, and Gold Medal; Gold Bond were perhaps their nicest, particularly those in the “Stonite” jade celluloid, some of which carried three gold rings near the top of the cap, perhaps emulating the contemporaneous Moores.   Finally, as catalog pens, they also came in different girths and lengths.   Survivors are still often found in pretty good condition.

About This Pen

This Gold Bond Stonite (their name for the celluloid) is a nice example, a sturdy pen that carries a certain working elegance, looks pretty nice, and works great. The only relatively serious flaw is the missing double crown ring, which was most likely identical to the cap ring and the ring at the base of the barrel. The nib, which is probably original and is certainly contemporaneous, was straightened, still looks rough at the tip, but tuned to a smooth, 30s typical firm fine.

This pen is not for sale.