Geha Goldschwinge 725

About This Pen

Geha was one of Germany’s longstanding manufacturers of excellent fountain pens that found success both before and after WWII. They revolutionized the use of a “Reservtank”, using the extra space above the pen’s feed as ancillary ink tank. This pen, probably from 1962, is a Reservtank pen,  of black plastic.  It is a piston filler, with a soft broad nib that has wings that clipped to the side of the feed. This pen’s Reservtank works well, and the piston fills smoothly. The “goldschwing” nib writes a soft broad line. The pen’s only flaw is what is believed to be a single (repaired) hairline crack in the slip-type cap, an issue for which these pens and many others of that day are well-known. It is a very nice pen that, due to the cap’s fragility, is probably meant to stay on a desk or be carried in a secure case. $125

This pen is not for sale.