Esterbrook Purse Pens

About This Pen

Esterbrook’s Purse Pens, which are commonly called Pastels, were produced in the middle 1950s, probably only 1954-57, in a range of colors including white, yellow, pink, peach, blue, aqua, gray, and lilac. They carried the black jewels of the J family pens, and were in CH size, 4 ⅜” long and 7/16” wide, the same girth as the SJ’s but a bit shorter. Pretty as they are, the Purse Pens have not proven to be as durable as the typical J’s, and often appear with cap edge cracks. There was also a second version, in the later 1950’s, with jewels that matched their body colors. These are harder to find in good condition. There were also even less common variants, including pens made for nurses.

These two Purse Pens, in grey and yellow, are in excellent condition, with very little sign of use and no cracking. Since these have the same interchangeable nibs as other Esterbook pens, find your nib in the Nibs listing. Unlike the normal J’s, which can be carried in a bag or pocket without fear, these should be treated to a case to protect their finish.

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