Esterbrook M2

About This Pen

The M2 line appeared in 1959, a step forward from the J family and the Deluxes in that it is an aerometric pen. If it looks something like a Parker 51 ala Esterbrook, surely that is no coincidence. The Aerometric 51s were a big hit, causing repetition by most of the pen makers within the decade. It is a long (5.25”) and slim (.4” below the cap edge) pen, giving it something of a Snorkel look, so copying both Parker and Sheaffer! This pen is believed to be unused; its aero filler is fresh and supple. The plastic barrel and section are unmarked. It is a solid pen, although the plastic will scratch a bit easier than Esterbrook’s celluloid did. Purchase it with any of the Esterbrook nibs, as listed and priced in the nibs listing.

Price: $60