Esterbrook Dollars and Transitional Js

About This Model

Esterbrook’s Dollar Pens were the major second generation of pens with Esterbrook’s unique “Re-New-Point” interchangeable nibs, in production from 1935, the height of the Depression, until approximately 1942. They featured stainless steel trim and were very solidly made. In full length and girth and of black celluloid, they cost $1, but also appeared in other colors and sizes for a bit more.

About This Pen

This is a group of Esterbrooks from the early 1930s until just after WWII, before the more usually seen J’s emerged. Dollar pens are from 1934-42, when they cost $1. They are easily identified by two holes in their clips, and there are some size and clip detail differences over their lifetimes. I’m very fond of the Dollars; their size fits my hand perfectly. The “Transitionals” (not Esterbrook’s name…) were Esterbrook’s literal transition from the war era to the new J family, so look like J’s with no jewel at the end of the barrel, and are more substantial than the Dollars. There are also a few of the wartime pens, which are shaped like Dollars but do not have cap rings, the use of metal ornamentation having been minimized for the war effort.
Various colors and sizes are available, but not every color or size, as these pens are not as commonly seen as Js. The short Dollars and Transitionals are seen far less often than the full-size pens, so carry premium pricing. Finally, all of these pens also use Esterbrook’s unique interchangeable nibs; pick your nib from this page’s Esterbrook Nibs listing!
NOTE: The pens in the photo have not been restored. Esterbrooks are restored when sold.

Dollars are $60, short Dollars $75
Transitionals $55, short Transitionals $65-$75
Wartime $75-$85

Price: $60