Esterbrook Dollar

About This Model

Esterbrook’s Dollar Pens were the major second generation of pens with Esterbrook’s unique “Re-New-Point” interchangeable nibs, in production from 1935, the height of the Depression, until approximately 1942. They featured stainless steel trim and were very solidly made. In full length and girth and of black celluloid, they cost $1, but also appeared in other colors and sizes for a bit more.

About This Pen

This Dollar pen is a very nice, very durable writer. Although its nicks and nibbles are evidence of its being a much-loved pen, this is a very shiny and handsome pen. The R.Esterbrook imprint is complete and easily read. Like any Esterbrook, it uses a threaded nib unit, and comes with a nib of the purchaser’s choosing, either a base nib with no extra charge or a 9xxx series or unusual 2xxx series nib with an additional charge. With a base nib, $45


Included, no extra charge: 2550 Firm Extra Fine, 2556 Firm Fine, 2668 Firm Medium, 60’s Fine

Add $10: 9460 Firm Extra Fine, 9550 Firm Extra Fine, 9555 Firm Fine, 9556 Firm Fine Gregg, 9668 Firm Medium, Venus Soft Broad

Add $15: 2048 Flexible Falcon Fine, 2314B Relief Broad Oblique, 2442 Falcon Stub, 2968 Firm Broad

Add $20: 9968 Firm Broad

This pen is not for sale.