Esterbrook Deluxe

About This Pen

Esterbrook did not only have the J’s during the 1950’s; they also produced “Deluxe” pens. These were both similar to and different from the J’s. They had metal caps, but were made of a relatively soft plastic that feels like polystyrene. The caps are sturdy, but are not stainless steel.
There were two models: SM from 1949-55 and LK from 1955-60?. The earlier SM’s carried friction fit caps, but at some point they changed to screw caps. These continued with the LK’s, but LK’s had metal crowns and tassies instead of black jewels. Both models came in a range of solid colors.
These are nice enough pens; well-balanced, easy to write with. A black SM has a permanent spot on my desk with a 2550 extra fine nib. Take a little care to protect their finishes, as the plastic is a touch soft and scratches easily.

Be sure to visit the Esterbrook Nibs listing to pick your nib!

Price: $50