Esterbrook “Bell Systems”

About This Pen

This is an interesting Esterbook for the collector of company pens. Bell Systems, during its monopoly days, put its name on everything. Bell System pens, to my knowledge, were all black, matching that era’s ubiquitous bakelite telephone sets. I have seen and sold numerous Bell pens, but this is the nicest, and it is being released from my personal collection. It is an LJ, the mid-range J family pen, in the length of the full-size J but with the slimmer girth of the SJ. A great pen for everyday use forever, with the interchangeable nib of any Esterbrook pen. ┬áPick your nib from the main Esterbrook listing; nib pricing is listed there, with most of the 2xxx nibs included in the price of the pen.

This pen is not for sale.