Eridano 44

About This Pen

Eridano pens are virtually undescribed in the literature of fountain pens.  With thanks to Jacobini’s fine text, we know they were manufactured by the Pecco Stilus company during the 1930s, as a more inexpensive line. This particular pen is a model 44, made in Turin, probably during the latter 1930s. It is a full-sized pen, 13.1cm long capped and 12mm thick, of thick celluloid in yellow ochre black, and grey, and is in very good condition. The colors are in largish chunks, almost like the early Sheaffer black and pearl pens; the ochre is striking. As with so many of the vintage Italian pens, it is a button filler. Its nib appears to be gold, and is marked “Eridania”, and “Stilus”, the brand. It is marked 3, although it is not known what the 3 refers to, since the nib is substantially larger than a standard 3.  The Eridano writes as many of the vintage Italian pens do, a delicately flexed EF to a full medium.

This pen is not for sale.