Dickinson Croxley

About This Model

Dickinson was a major stationery seller in England since the mid-1800's. Their pens, from the 1930's, were either torpedos with plain clips and black bodies or Croxleys, a nicer line in patterned celluloid or black. Over the years, there has been some doubt that Dickinson actually produced their own pens, because this was such a different expertise than Dickinson's core business of producing fine paper. With this doubt comes the guess by British pen experts that Croxleys were actually made by Conway Stewart.

About This Pen

This Croxley is deep red celluloid with pink marbling and 14k gold trim. Although a lever-filler, it resembled a 1930’s Parker Duofold, with its black derby crown and arrow clip. It is full-sized, at 12.7cm long capped and 1.1cm across just south of the cap edge. The pne is in very nice condition, but shows some evidence of age and wear. The gold trim is missing plate along the high points on the clip and the cap ring. The imprint is complete, with “The Croxley Pen, a Dickinson Product, Great Britain.” The nib is imprinted with “A Dickinson Product” and is gold. If its looks weren’t enough, the wonder of this pen is its nib, which is a mild stub and (even for me) writes a beautiful, wet very broad line. Be sure to use this pen near your ink bottle, you’ll need it.

Price: $145