About This Pen

This is a lovely little ringtop pen that is either a lower level Conklin or not a Conklin carrying a Conklin nib. It is typical ringtop size, just short of 3.5″ long capped and .4″ wide just south of the cap.  It is plated in bright yellow gold with a basketweave pattern. Contrary to most Conklins and Conklin catalogs I’ve seen (although catalogs from the era often have some artistic license in the illustrations), the absence of any imprint or brand marking is atypical, particularly on the lever. In addition, the top of the lever is near the bottom of the barrel, opening out and away from the tassie; Conklins in the catalogs generally open out away from the nib. The stamped pattern is in the Conklin catalog, however…so this might stay a mystery. Those comments aside, the body is beautiful, unmarrred by scratch or dent. The nib, a Conklin 2, writes a wet fine line with substantial flex; there is a bit of singing in the nib.  This is a wonderful little pen for notes; I hate to say that it will fit one’s hand better if posted, but it’s true.


This pen is not for sale.