Columbus Extra 38

About This Pen

Specific information about the Extra 38 is probably not available; indeed, some of the references I found for it noted that this was a number their authors did not recognize. My best guess is that this is a 1950s pen. It closely resembles Columbus’ smaller celluloid models from the 1940s, but this is made of a resin of some kind. The Italian pen forum does show a picture of an Extra 38, but its nib and crown are both different from this one, which of course further complicates the identification. However, this bewildering model nomenclature is often seen in Italian pens; names and line continue with the pens changing. All of that said, it is a beautiful smaller pen. At 11.9cm capped and 1.2cm across just below the cap line, the pen feels full-size in a smaller hand, and is certainly not petite. It is of beautiful marbled resin, in green and black with mother-of-pearl, with gold trim. The piston works flawlessly, the pen fills and empties easily. In another post-WWII touch, the piston itself ends with a plastic gasket, as seen in Pelikans, not a cork. It must be noted that the blind cap was not removed from the piston in restoration; even after the pin was removed, no amount of soaking or ultrasonic vibration or heat loosened it, so after a week I replaced the pin and restored the pen from the nib end. As with so many Italian pens, it is a wonderful writer, a long-tined nib that writes fine/medium with a nice touch of flex and shaded line. It will write wonderfully for anyone but will possibly hold its nib alignment better with a right-handed writer. This is a pen that can be carried in a bag without worry, and would make a delightful first vintage Italian pen for a growing vintage collection.

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