About This Pen

Blackbirds were made by Mabie Todd, and in their heyday were generally considered to be good pens but a step down from Swans. The company was purchased by Biro in 1952, and there is very little definitive information about what they produced after that.  It is probable that this pen is from 1954-58, so it is a Biro, not a Mabie Todd, although there is a faint “Mabie Todd” imprint at, curiously, the base of the barrel under the cap. It is 13cm long, a lever-filler, with a green marbled plastic barrel and chased (stamped) chrome cap. The gold plated clip is riveted into the crown, and imprinted with “Blackbird”. Its probably gold-plated nib is marked “Blackbird”.  It’s a nice writer, producing a wet medium line with a touch of flex. An enjoyable little pen. 

This pen is not for sale.