Aurora Olo Lusso

About This Pen

Olo Lusso was an Aurora sub-brand from around 1929 until the 1940s, probably created to help Aurora achieve better market integration.  Unlike other companies’ sub-brands, Olos were made of the same materials as the top-of-line Auroras, so are beauties. The Olo Lusso with gold trim was a 1930-1935 pen, and it appeared in marbled and horizontal-over-marbled patterning; this pen is one of the latter types, and the celluloid shimmers in light. At 13.2cm long capped and 1.2cm wide just below the cap, it is a substantial, but not large. It is indeed one of the most attractive pens I’ve owned, and I’ve dithered about selling it. It is in outstanding condition, giving one the impression of having not been previously used. The celluloid is unmarked. There is a bit of tarnish around the gold crown, but this is this pen’s only flaw. The imprint is “Olo Lusso” in script; it is complete. The nib is steel, and is engraved with “platiridio extra aurora 5”. The nib is firm, a F/EF, with a bit of flex and audible feedback.  A fine, rarely seen, beautiful pen.

This pen is not for sale.