Aurora “98”

About This Pen

Aurora, the Italian company that has produced numerous elegant fountain pens from the early 1900s until the present day, restarted its postwar activity in 1949 with the 88, in clear homage to the success of the Parker 51s carried by thousands of American soldiers rebuilding Italy. The 88 engendered Aurora’s next generations of pens, in numerous models, among them the 98 family of the 1960’s. This pen, in steel with chrome plating, is a cartridge filler, introduced as a less expensive option. While not a true 98, it is much more affordable and less complicated, and carries the 98’s wonderful, expressive nib, which writes a wet medium line with a bit of flex. This pen has been recently restored by the manufacturer and comes with an Aurora cartridge and in the Aurora service case.

This pen is not for sale.