Aurora 88P

About This Model

The Aurora 88 model line is one of the more reliable and elegant fountain pens ever made. It heralded the reawakening of the Italian fountain pen industry after WWII, its design inspired by the Parker 51 in so many pockets of American soldiers in Italy for the reconstruction of Europe. However much its gold cap over a black barrel, hood instead of a traditional gripping section and partially hooded nib looked like those of the 51, under the surface lay an all-Italian piston mechanism and workmanship. The original 88 sold from 1947 until it was succeeded by the 88K in 1953 and the 88P in 1958, some 3 million sold pens later.  88s were sold until the 1970s, and are generally regarded as the most sold Italian fountain pen.
In modern years, after 2005, Aurora began reissuing the 88, in an all-resin-bodied pen, with, after 2015, a wide variety of nibs. They are excellent pens. 

About This Pen

This is a typical Aurora 88P from the late 1950s-1960s, with the black celluloid barrel and section, gold cap, and hooded nib. As an 88, and not an 888, it is a piston-filler, and it fills fully and easily. This pen is in very good condition, although it has a few non-serious marks of use. The nib is a EF/F, and like so many 88s, it is pretty firm but not stiff. A fast writer. 

This pen is not for sale.