Pens from Other Countries

These are most of the pens in my collection that were made in Europe, Asia, and India. Except where noted, pens have been restored by me.

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Aurora 88
classic black resin, gold-filled cap. The pen that restored Aurora after WWII, an homage to the Parker 51. This pen manufactured May 1952 (my birth month). Piston filler, M flexible nib. Italy.


Bayard 450
Probably the Special Luxe. Tubular shape, “necktie” clip, two gold cap rings, marbled celluloid. Lever filler.  Is a favorite pen for its elegance, even with significant unrepaired cap crack and rippling that limit it to desk use.  France 1937. (note: I like to think that the damage happened during a hot prewar Paris weekend, on the dashboard of a Citroën Traction Avant.)
IMG_3934 IMG_4155

Bayard Excelsior
Model 560, Standard, with Lido nib, dark blue celluloid. Lever filler. France 1939-48, probable post WWII.

Conway Stewart 236
Dark blue/black marbled celluloid, original CS 5 nib, lever filler. England 1930-38.

Delta Fusion 82
Limited edition, # 0132, green/gray marbled resin, Fusion nib. C/C filler. Italy 2009-10.  Yes, I know, it’s a modern pen.

Edacoto 87
From postWWII France, in black celluloid, an unusually large pen for a French company at 14.2cm.  Original nib is missing its tip, so it carries a 1930’s Waterman’s keyhole nib.

Model unidentified. Black chased resin. Original nib, very flexible F-BBB. Piston filler. From lot recovered and built from parts by Alex Van Galen in the Netherlands. PreWWII Germany, probable 1935-1938.
Gold Starry
Model unidentified, pink, warm brown with light chips in marbled celluloid, original nib. Lever filler. Probable early 1930’s, after end of Conway Stewart production for Gold Starry. France.
Inoxcrom 55
Brushed steel cap over black plastic barrel; very (too…) reminiscent of late Parker 51. This is the earlier 55, the first of two versions. Aero filler, unmarked hooded nib. 1959-63. Spain.
Jinhao Zhuge Liang
Black lacquered brass with Chinese characters commemorative of three kingdoms era of China. Jinhao nib, C/C filler. 2000’s China.
Kaweco Sport Classic (2)
red and clear plastic; two-toned blue plastic. Converted to eyedropper filler. Kaweco nibs. 2008 Germany.

Miller 662
There is not a lot of available information about Miller fountain pens, which were a Danish brand during the pre-WWII years.  My guess, until proven otherwise, is that they are related to the Swedish Tower brand, a Soennecken sub-brand; they carry the same design on their cap bands.  1938-40 Denmark.

Montblanc Diplomat 149
My second fountain pen, this 149 was a 1970 high school graduation present from my parents.  It has seen almost continuous use for 47 years, although as my desk pen since a street fall in 1995 chipped the cap.  It has never been serviced, except for a full flushing after each fill (it was inked when photographed…). Black resin with gold trim. Piston filler. Germany 1969-70.

NoName “French”
One can’t say much about a NoName. Found for $5 on French eBay, celluloid in deco design, probable 1950’s.  Nib resuscitation by Joshua Lax.

Osmia 661
Black celluloid, piston filled, BB flex nib.  Late 1950’s Germany, carries both Faber-Castell and Osmia imprint.

Parker Duofold
AF Dark blue lucite. Aluminum button filler. 1948-1952, UK model made in Denmark

Parker Victory
1949-52 dark blue celluloid, button filler, medium nib. England.

Pelikan 120
Green and black, piston filler. Cap is replacement. Germany 1969. (Mine since new, bought at Conkey’s in Appleton, Wisconsin, first week of college 1970).

Pelikan 100N
Black resin cap, section, blind cap; green marbled Binde, medium nib. Germany, late 1930’s.

Pilot Legance
Brown/green/red acrylic, Japanese market only, 2010-2014.  My subway pen, in continuous use since 2013.

Stephens Leverfil No.106
Black chased celluloid, gold-plate nib. Probable 1940’s, England.
Grey striated celluloid, long tine fine nib. Probable 1939, made by Columbus, Italy.
Summit S125
Dark blue celluloid, original nib. Lever filler. Post WWII-54. England.
TWSB Vac Mini
Clear acrylic barrel and section, plunger filler, EF.  Taiwan, 2014

Model unidentified, black resin barrel with gold tone cap, plunger filler. France probable 1960s-70s.
Waterman New Look
First new Waterman-JIF production after WWII, named for contemporaneous Dior New Look couture. Deep red celluloid, partially hooded original nib restored by Richard Binder. Lever filler. 1949, France.
Wyvern Perfect No.81
Red/brown marbled celluloid, original Wyvern nib. Lever filler. Post WWII England.