Europe, Britain, Asia

These are the pens in my collection that were made in Europe, Asia, and India. Except where noted, pens have been restored by me.

Aurora 88


Classic black celluloid, gold-filled cap. The pen was so successful that it restored Aurora in Italy after WWII with its design that clearly emulated the Parker 51. This pen manufactured May 1952 (my birth month). Piston filler, M flexible nib.

Bayard 450


Probably the Special Luxe, one of Bayard’s nicer pre-WWII celluloid models. Tubular shape, “necktie” clip, two gold cap rings, marbled celluloid. Lever filler. It’s a favorite pen for its elegance, even with significant unrepaired cap crack and rippling that limit it to desk use. From France, 1937. I like to think that the damage happened during a hot prewar Paris weekend, on the dashboard of a Citroën Traction Avant.

Bayard 560

late 1940s

A model 560 Standard, with Lido nib, dark blue celluloid lever filler. France 1939-48, probably post WWII.

Conway Stewart

early 1930s

Too fragile for anything but limited desk use, I’ve kept this pen because its casein barrel and cap have “alligatored”, compromised by heat or water. Still beautiful to look at, nice desk pen. Proper CS nib. From England, 1930’s.

Conway Stewart


A CS 236, this was a workingman’s pen, a very popular and inexpensive model. It is dark blue/black marbled celluloid, original soft CS 5 nib, lever filler. From England, 1930-38.

Delta Fusion


Limited edition, #0132, green/gray marbled resin, Fusion nib. C/C filler. Italy 2009-10. Yes, I know, it’s a modern pen.  Check-signing pen at the office, currently with Edison B nib.

Edacoto 87

late 1940s

From postWWII France, in black celluloid, an unusually large pen for a French company at 14.2cm. Original nib is missing its tip, so it carries a 1930s Waterman’s keyhole nib.



Model unidentified, from preWWII Germany. Black chased resin. Original nib, very flexible F-BBB. Piston filler. From a lot that was discovered after being in a barn since the late 1930s. Recovered and built from parts by Alex Van Galen in the Netherlands.

Gold Starry

early 1930s

Model unidentified, pink, warm brown with light chips in marbled celluloid, original nib. Lever filler. From France, probable early 1930s, soon after end of Conway Stewart production for Gold Starry.

Inoxcrom 55


Brushed steel cap over black plastic barrel; very (too…) reminiscent of a late Parker 51. This is the earlier 55, the first of two versions. Purchased by SGE in Barcelona as a present. Aero filler, unmarked hooded nib. Spain, 1959-63.