It’s Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful. Indeed, I’m plenty thankful for my new friendship with A, in Italy. A is a retired architect who is selling his collection, bit by bit. We met each other on eBay, where I had purchased his lovely ’60’s Columbus Extra that was missing a nib. A’s Italian always comes to me with Google’s translation in the email, and I (having zero Italian..) do the same in reverse with him. “Tim, why are you so happy to buy a pen without a nib?” “Because I have another one with a destroyed piston but has a great nib…”. Some weeks later, “I’m getting ready for the Bologna pen show, and have some pens you might have some interest in owning.” That started a flood of correspondence that ended, for now, with my purchasing a  Tibaldi Trasparente and a Tabo V, both from the late 1940’s, black celluloid piston fillers with very unusual transparency and flexible nibs. Both pens moved happily into my collection and their use will force me to become comfortable using long-tined nibs in my overwriting left hand. Thanks!