Another false alarm…with a twist!

A few months back, I wrote about the almost-loss of my Parker 75, and how it brought home some lessons about collecting and possessing. Well, it happened again…almost. Another Parker, this one an English post-WWII Victory, in dressy navy blue celluloid and with a lovely wet full medium Parker nib, disappeared. I was using it because it needed some nib attention and because a client had requested a wet English pen of that type. So, I was giving it a fill or two to see if I wanted to keep it or sell it. Partway through the second fill, nib now tuned and working a lot better, I decided it was giving me too much pleasure to let go, and that I would tell the client I’d find another, when I discovered its absence from my pen case. This time I had enough confidence that it was in my orbit somewhere — not left in a bar as I feared the last time — but it was just not getting found. Finally, this past week, during an especially chilly New York autumn day, I left my office to walk down the block to our second building and pulled on the blue cashmere blazer that lives at work, and it was hanging in the inside pocket. It still is not clear how the Victory got there, since I hadn’t worn that jacket since last spring!