Forward to Vintage

What happened to June?  Suddenly, it’s July…June was an interesting month for the my personal evolution as a fountain pen restorer. I accepted, during May and June, just over a hundred vintage and modern fountain pens as a consignment from a significant collector, who is focusing his collection, even as it continues to grow. The hundred were split roughly a third each in modern pens, all 1990’s to current; vintage pens, almost all from before 1970; and what I call “cheaps”, inexpensive modern pens. Over time, all of the vintage pens will be restored, listed here and sold from here and various fountain pen forums. The nice modern pens and the “cheaps”, all of which are already in fine-to-excellent condition, will get a cleaning and be sold however they find the opportunity to be sold.  In fact, some are already gone. The vintage pens are the challenge — while many are in great condition, they all need at least some work, and some need substantial work, and I’ve never before had 30 pens waiting patiently for my attention. It’s interesting to me that even though I did not find and bring them in because of their interest to me, I have found all of the vintage pens interesting and attractive. Now, my personal challenge is to see the modern pens in the same way. I’ve even been carrying around a matte black slim Cross for a few days!