Tim's Thoughts

Thinning The Herd, Again

Lately, I’ve been thinning my collection. Not drastically, but a minor change in direction. Until now, for a dozen or so pens I have violated my own rule of not keeping a pen that I didn’t use for a year, because they were interesting, would not likely come my way again, were among my first restorations, other reasons. So it was time for the pristine Parker 61 with the Heritage cap that is just too skinny for my hand, the flawless Wearever Pennant I’ve never used but kept as a curiosity, the 1930s “No-Name” that is improbably smooth, the stickered Esterbrook J, the Wality, all to leave. These aren’t all of my violators, but it has helped me refine my tastes, a subject for a future month. Have no fear, however: the collection is not in danger of shrinking below 50, because three new pens have found me: an early short-full girth Sheaffer Balance with an amazing BB nib, a first generation Aurora 88 that is on its way from Austria, and a 2010 Japan-only Pilot Legance, a gift from a friend that I’m much liking as an everyday “carry”. There is no question that being able to define and redefine my collection as I choose is part of the fun.