New Friend In, Old Friend Out

During this past summer, our trip to the Netherlands included a stop at PW Akkerman in den Haag and a purchase of a bottle of Royal Akkermanblauw ink in their signature bottle. It’s a beautiful, full, true blue that flows wonderfully. Although time and use will tell if it displaces any of the Waterman’s, Aurora, and Diamine blues in my normal use, its first use was in my Delta Fusion, which loves wet ink. Does having multiple blue inks really make a difference? Away from its context, clearly not. However, the choice of one blue ink over another for a particular pen or use is as important to a fountain pen user as the choice of tie with a particular shirt or suit to one who takes pleasure in dressing well. It matters if it matters. And, as with the ties, inks exude mood and volume — they make their own noise and create their own vibrations. My Royal Akkermanblauw is, I sense, going to earn its way into the rotation.

Sadly, the other day I finished my bottle of 1940’s Parker Permanent Blue-Black Quink.  It was a rich, midnight blue that flowed perfectly on any paper with my vintage Parkers and Sheaffers.  Getting good vintage ink is always a risky venture, and I doubt I’ll find another like this…it will be missed.